Viewing & Interacting with Wines

When you select a wine in any of the lists, you can view detailed information.  Touch any item to edit it. Options to interact with the wine are at the bottom of the screen.

Bookmark this wine. The flag is red when it is bookmarked, white otherwise. You can quickly see a list of all flagged wines from the main screen.
Quickly find wines related to this wine in your database. This displays a list of options to find wines that have the same vintage, winery name, region, purchase place, etc.
For when you drink a wine, it reduces the quantity by 1 and lets you add tasting notes and ratings.
Edit this wine. In the screens where you see the image on the right, press it to select your region & varietal information from the WineTracker database rather than having to type it in manually.
Delete this wine.
Share this wine’s information with your friends using Email, Facebook, etc.
Search for this wine online. WineTracker attempts the search using the vintage, winery and wine name.
Create a copy of this wine that you can edit. Helps you quickly add new wines or create entries in other lists.

In addition, you can do the following:

  • Swipe left & right to view previous or next wines in your list.  If you selected Pick A Wine from the wine list, then swiping randomly selects a new wine. Use this feature to have WineTracker select a wine for you !
  • The button in the upper left denotes the category of the wine (Wine, Order, Wishlist or Gone). Pressing this button allows you to change the category of the wine which may be useful for moving Gone wines back into your wish or order list.
  • If a wine shows the image on the right, select it to see the rating & drink/hold information for this region & vintage.

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