Q1. How do I add a new country / region / subregion /varietal  /type ?
A1. From the main screen, select Regions database, then press the big button at the bottom right to add any country / region/subregion/varietal /type combination your heart desires.

Q2. How do I edit or delete a region if I made a mistake ?
A2. From the main screen, select Regions database, then select the offending region/subregion/varietal.  Use the icons at the bottom to edit or delete the entry.

Q3. Why doesn’t Wine Tracker have every combination of country /region /subregion / varietal / type ?
A3. There are millions of possible combinations. We include several hundred of the most common and add to this database regularly which will be synced up on occasion by Wine Tracker.

Q4. Can I use scan bar codes and automatically fill in the wine information ?
A4. Yes, provided our server matches the bar code you enter or scan in.

Q5. Why doesn’t Wine Tracker find a match for the bar codes for my wines ?
A5. There is no publicly available wine database containing meaningful wine information, although several parties have attempted to build up such themselves by crowd-sourcing the information (with dubious quality).  We are doing the same but it may take some time to build a decent repository as there are millions of wines. Even if Wine Tracker cannot locate your wine, you can use the bar code scanner to identify wines you have already entered in your database. For example, if you scan the UPC code when you enter the original wine information, later, when you remove the wine from your cellar, you can scan the code to quickly view the wine information in Wine Tracker instead of having to search for it.

Q6. How do I transfer my database and images to a new phone ?
A6. First make sure your old device is synced with the server by starting Wine Tracker, select Cloud Settings, then Sync with server.  Next, install (if you haven’t already) Wine Tracker on the new device. Upon startup, you will be asked to enter in your Wine Tracker account information. If you enter it correctly, Wine Tracker will sync your new device to the server. Now both devices are synced.  Edits made on one will be visible to the other (after each has synced).

Q7. Where are the Wine Tracker images stored on my phone ?
A7. WineTracker saves the photos in a directory usually named /sdcard/WineTrackerThumbs or /mnt/sdcard/WineTrackerThumbs. This may be OS-version-dependent so may require you to attach your phone to your PC and to explore the directory structure.

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