2D Slider Puzzle

2D Slider Puzzle should bring back memories of those plastic sliding puzzles you may have played as a child.  This can be a fun way to kill some time while exercising your brain.  This version takes things up a notch by:

  • Letting you select any image stored on your mobile device as the puzzle
  • Letting you select how many pieces to break the image into
  • Tracking your “high scores” including the fewest number of moves and best times for a given puzzle size

You can find 2D Slider Puzzle on the Android Marketplace and Amazon Appstore.  Two versions are available:

2D Slider Puzzle:  This is the ad-supported version which reduces the board size somewhat.  Search for “2D Slider Puzzle” or go to Android Market or Amazon Appstore

2D Slider Puzzle Pro:  This is the paid version which contains no 3rd party ads. Search for “2D Slider Puzzle Pro” or go to Android Market or Amazon Appstore

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