About Us

About Us

Our focus is on delivering productivity & gaming apps for Android devices.  While the company was formed in 2011, originally many of the apps were conceived and started in 2009 with the intent to target a certain other handset that has a fruit for its logo.  Because of the immense growth in the popularity of Android, we changed direction.  With so many companies competing to differentiate themselves, Android is evolving quickly enabling developers such as ourselves to provide more compelling apps.

Our Philosophy

Because we know everybody likes free things, we strive to provide two options for our applications, both a free (ad-sponsored app), and a paid app.  The free app typically has ads strategically placed while hopefully not detracting from the enjoyability of the app.  In some cases, the free app may limit some functionality but should still provide a good taste of what the capabilities are.  If you do download the free app and want to show your appreciation, please purchase the paid version of the application.  The paid apps remove the ads and are the main source of income for the developers who spend dozens to hundreds of hours coding, testing and perfecting an application.

We hope you enjoy our apps !

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